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U17 Soccer Drills

This page displays U17 soccer drills and focuses on developing tactical awareness and physical development. These Advanced Youth Soccer Drills are unit focused and encourage players to build strong relationships that can be transferred into the game. With attacking and defensive soccer drills, together with counter-attacking, all areas are covered. 

When developing under 17 soccer players, it's important to consider the following factors:

Physical development: At this age, players are likely still growing and developing physically, so it's important to consider their physical needs and limitations. This might include things like strength training, endurance training, and flexibility exercises.

Technical skills: Focus on helping your players develop their technical skills, such as ball control, passing, shooting, and dribbling. Use drills and small-sided games to help them practice and improve these skills.

Tactical awareness: Help your players understand the tactical aspects of the game, including positioning, movement off the ball, and team shape. This can be done through drills and small-sided games that focus on these concepts.

Psychological development: At this age, players are also likely developing their mental and emotional maturity, so it's important to consider their psychological needs as well. This might include things like building confidence, developing leadership skills, and handling pressure.

Individual development: While it's important to focus on team development, it's also important to consider the individual needs and goals of each player. This might involve working with players on specific areas of their game or helping them set personal goals.

Remember to keep things fun and enjoyable for your players while also challenging them to improve. This will help keep them motivated and engaged in their development.

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