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Counter Attacking

This Counter Attacking Soccer Drills Page provides free football sessions for all age groups and ability levels. With the focus on transitional play, there is a mix of possession games and technical counter-attacking practices that coaches can implement. We will be building this counter attack section and ensure there are soccer drills and plans that you can deliver to your groups throughout the season.

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Developing Overlapping Runs

This technical practice takes place in a 15 by 20-yard area and develops overlapping runs and passing accuracy.

Finishing to Defending Soccer Drills (Wave) | 33-P5

This wave practice takes place in a 35 by 40-yard area and focuses on finishing in different attacking scenarios and quick transitions to defending.

11 v 11 Game: 4231 Counter From Midfield (49-P14)

This 11 v 11 Game is focused on developing Counter Attacking opportunities from the midfield third and is part of Coaching Theme 49.

Set and Spin: Technical Combinations | 61-P4

It's time to develop players one and two touch passing combinations in this technical practice. To begin, the first player will pass to the central player who bounces the ball back and spins out the square. The player on the other end moves to receive the next pass in the square and sets the ball out the initial central player. They will take a touch and play through to the end player. Players must focus on their passing accuracy to maintain the flow and communicate when making each pass!

30 Day Free Trial