Drills by Age Groups
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U15-U17 Soccer Drills (Youth Phase Advanced)

This page displays soccer drills suitable for players aged U15 to U17 and focuses on enhancing players' game understanding. This Advanced age group, develops Youth Soccer Drills based around the game and looks at player relationships in training and the transfer of these into the game. This will cover each of Touchtight's 6 Phases with attacking soccer drills, defending, counter-attacking, and defending the counter.

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Midfield Rotations to Create Space

It's time to develop our phase 1 build up play when setup in a 4231 in this functional practice. The objective is to build up play from the goalkeeper, looking to exploit overloads and play penetrating passes to the attacking midfielder/ player in space and finish in either mini goal. We will implement various rotations, allowing players to get comfortable with the different movements they need to perform to create spaces to exploit. Let's build out from the back with confidence! ⚽️🔥 

Developing the Diamond in Possession

This wave practice takes place in a 20-by 25-yard area and focuses on developing the diamond shape when in possession.

Midfield Three Combinations (Pattern) | 48-P7

This technical pattern passing practice, focuses on the midfield 3 combination with a deep pivot, bringing in 2 attacking players in a 433.

Wide Rotations ( FB/CM/WM) | 46-P12

This technical practice takes place in a 30 by 30-yard area and focuses on developing wide rotational movements and passing patterns. 

Midfield 3 (Point Up) Triangle Combos | 77-P4

This technical passing practice focuses on players combination play, rotational movement and the benefits of creating triangles in a game.

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