Drills by Player Numbers
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Soccer Drills for 11 to 16 Players

Our detailed videos and comprehensive instructions help you deliver effective training sessions. Focus on team tactics, positional play, and game scenarios. Enhance cohesion, strategic understanding, and overall team performance. Elevate your coaching with tailored drills for optimal squad development. Start improving your squad's game today!

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Developing the Diamond in Possession

This wave practice takes place in a 20-by 25-yard area and focuses on developing the diamond shape when in possession.

Finishing to Defending (Wave) | 33-P5

This wave practice focuses on finishing in different attacking scenarios and quick transitions to defending.

Maintaining Possession in the Midfield | 36-P13

This practice takes place in an octagon shaped playing area and is focused on developing midfielders combination play and ability to maintain possession.

Pass and Move | Activation Practice (45-P1)

This practice is focused on dribbling, running off the ball and specific movement linked to the game to activate players physical and cognitive at the beginning of the practice.

The Back 4 Unit: Advanced Lead | 78-P13 (Player)

This defence specific practice focuses on developing the defensive unit’s positional play and coordinated pressing.

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