Drills by Age Groups
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U9-U11 Soccer Drills (Foundation Phase)

On this our Foundation Phase page, we have published some of our U9 soccer drills through to U11, focusing on developing a technical understanding of ball mastery, 1v1 games, and 2 v 1 football drills. We try to ensure all soccer training practices motivate and engage our younger players, giving them confidence on the ball.

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Pass and Move | Activation Soccer Drill (45-P1)

This practice is focused on dribbling, running off the ball and specific movement linked to the game to activate players physical and cognitive at the beginning of the practice.

Dribbling, Combination & Finishing Soccer Drills | 49-P3

This practice is a level 1 practice that can be used by all players and focuses on dribbling, one-two combinations and finishing.

Ball Mastery 12 | Dribbling Technique & Control - BM-12

This technical soccer practice takes place in a 15 by 20-yard area and focuses on developing players ball mastery and dribbling technique.

Ball Mastery 11 | Running with the ball (BM-11)

This Ball Mastery Practice is focused on individual players dribbling past defenders and recognising when to burst into space with the ball.

Co-Ordinated Team Races | Warm Up (WU-18)

Warm Up 18 features Coordinated team races in this fun warm up activity. Players love games, and races with the ball allow us to get players warm with some elements of competition.

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