Drills by Skills
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These Possession Soccer Drills are opposed practices that challenge players under pressure in opposed skill games. These are based around sessions with more than 6 players, with a minimum of a 3 v 3 game. We look at angles and distances in balanced and overload situations, as well as player's ability to move the opposition around to create a team advantage.

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Interchanging Positions | Transitional Rondo

This practice focuses on players rotational movement to create space in a central area, before reacting to winning possession. 

Wide Rotations ( FB/CM/WM) | 46-P12

This technical practice takes place in a 30 by 30-yard area and focuses on developing wide rotational movements and passing patterns. 

11 v 11 Game: 4231 Counter From Midfield (49-P14)

This 11 v 11 Game is focused on developing Counter-Attacking opportunities from the midfield third and is part of Coaching Theme 49.

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