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This Defending Soccer Drills Page provides free sessions that can be coached to players of every age group and level. We have unopposed technical defensive drills, as well as opposed 1v1 games (attack v defence) and opposed skill practices. We also incorporate defending the counter and recovery games sessions into our program and focus on individual, unit and team defensive shape in the syllabus.

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Defensive Press and Cover Soccer Drills

In this practice, we will focus on developing technical pressing and defensive covering techniques when working as a pair. Two players will work together, either pressing the ball or providing cover on the mannequin depending on the position of the ball. Getting tight as quick as possible and moving into the covering position as quickly as possible after the pass is made are key in this practice!

Defending the Overload (Midfield Unit) | 35-P8

This practice takes place in a circular area and focuses on developing player’s compact defending and ability to maintain possession.

The Back 4 Unit: Advanced Lead | 78-P13 (Player)

Get ready for a defence-specific practice focused on developing the defensive unit's positional play and coordinated pressing. Players must use effective communication, sharp awareness, and tactical adaptability.

The Compact Back 4 (Function)

How organised are your back 4 when they are under pressure? Are they communicating effectively to stay compact when facing an attacking overload. This functional defensive practice focuses on these key aspect of the game.

Pre-Season 18: Speed Endurance, Crossing & finishing

This soccer drill is focused on developing Speed Endurance, together with game related Crossing and Finishing; ideal for Pro Pre Season.

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