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This Attacking Soccer Drills Page provides free sessions that can be coached to players of every age group and level. We have unopposed technical soccer finishing drills, as well as opposed 1v1 games and opposed skill practices. We also incorporate counter-attacking into many of our finishing sessions and try to encompass as much as we can into our final third soccer program.

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Midfield Soccer Drill: Rotations to Create Space

It's time to develop our phase 1 build up play when setup in a 4231 in this functional practice. The objective is to build up play from the goalkeeper, looking to exploit overloads and play penetrating passes to the attacking midfielder/ player in space and finish in either mini goal. We will implement various rotations, allowing players to get comfortable with the different movements they need to perform to create spaces to exploit. Let's build out from the back with confidence! ⚽️🔥 

Playing Out from the Back Structure | 442 / 4231

Practice 15 of our Playing Out From The Back theme focuses on the 442/4231 formation.

Switching Play Soccer Drill | Opposed Possession

This Possession practice is focused on switching play to create space to transfer. With a focus on the 343, the switch creates space.

3rd Man Soccer Drill: Runs in Behind To Finish

Let's focus on developing 3rd man running in behind with this technical practice taking place in a 20 by 35-yard area. It's important to know where and when your teammates are making these movements as we build these patterns of play to implement in games. We set up a sequence that imitates a 433 (Point up), with two wingers, one CAM and a ST. Players must time their movements in behind to stay onside and attack the cross at pace like they would in a game! 🔥

3 Player Finishing Combinations | 82-P12

This is the 2nd part of our 3 player finishing combination practice ( 1st Part: 82-P7 ) We have 5 different 3 player combinations, developing different passing sequences and movements to combine around the box with the aim to create goal scoring opportunities. Time to step up our game and work on those crucial combinations in the final third. Your attackers are going to love this one! ⚽️🔥

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