Drills by Player Numbers
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Soccer Drills for 17 to 21 Players

Our guide is designed for coaches working with large squads of 17+ players. Dive into our comprehensive videos and instructions to deliver engaging and effective training sessions. Emphasize medium-sided games, 11v11 match preparation, and advanced tactics. Boost team cohesion, player engagement, and tactical understanding.

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11 v 11 Game: 4231 Counter From Midfield (49-P14)

This 11 v 11 Game is focused on developing Counter Attacking opportunities from the midfield third and is part of Coaching Theme 49.

The False Nine Phase of Play | 53-P10

This Phase of play practice is focused on developing strikers movement deep between midfield and defence units to build the attack into the final 3rd.

The Compact Back 4 (Function)| 78-P9

This functional practice focuses on developing the defensive units ability to stay compact and decision making when to apply pressure.

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