Drills by Skills
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These passing practices are focused on improving players' passing ability in unopposed, technical soccer practices. We focus on quick combinations, one-two passing moves, and developing player passing relationships that can be transferred into games. Whether you're building out from the back, posing possession questions, or finishing combinations, you sure to find what you need right here.

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Switching Play | Opposed Possession

This Possession practice is focused on switching play to create space to transfer. With a focus on the 343, the switch creates space.

Combination Play | Rondo Activation (42-P2)

This practice is an activation Rondo exercise and can be used to get players focused and switched on in the beginning of the session. 

Set and Spin: Technical Combinations | 61-P4

This practice takes place in a 15 by 25-yard area and focuses on developing set and spin passing combinations.

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