Drills by Player Numbers
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Soccer Drills for 6 to 10 Players

Welcome to our soccer drills guide for coaching small groups of 6 to 10 players! Our engaging videos and clear instructions enable you to deliver impactful sessions. Focus on group dynamics, skill development, and unit-based tactics. Improve team cohesion, provide targeted feedback, and foster a fun, productive training environment. Start enhancing your small group coaching today!

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Defensive Press & Cover Soccer Drill

In this practice, we will focus on developing technical pressing and defensive covering techniques when working as a pair. Two players will work together, either pressing the ball or providing cover on the mannequin depending on the position of the ball. Getting tight as quick as possible and moving into the covering position as quickly as possible after the pass is made are key in this practice! ⚽️

3 Player Finishing Combinations | 82-P12

This is the 2nd part of our 3 player finishing combination practice ( 1st Part: 82-P7 ) We have 5 different 3 player combinations, developing different passing sequences and movements to combine around the box with the aim to create goal scoring opportunities. Time to step up our game and work on those crucial combinations in the final third. Your attackers are going to love this one! ⚽️🔥

4231: Phase 1 Patterns of Play | 84-P7

It's important to develop set patterns of play that your team are comfortable with and can use to beat the opposition press and play out into advanced players. This practice focuses on phase 1 build up play when setup in a 4231. We begin with 3 player combinations on either side, developing positional relationships. We then play out as a full team, encouraging passing quality and decision-making in the first phase. Finally, we develop keeping possession from throw ins deep in our own half. Get comfortable playing out from the back! 🔥

Skill Circle - Mix It Up On The Move | Mini Ballers P12

This foundation phase practice takes place in a 20 yard area and focuses on developing players technical ability with the ball while on the move. Each player starts with a ball on a station, with the coach announcing which skill players must perform while running with the ball.

Finishing First Time in the Box | 79-P1

This practice takes place in a 25 by 30-yard area and focuses on developing players first time finishing in the box.

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