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U15 Soccer Drills

This page displays U15 soccer drills and focuses on developing tactical awareness and physical development. These Advanced Youth Soccer Drills are unit focused and encourage players to build strong relationships that can be transferred into the game. With attacking and defensive soccer drills, together with counter-attacking, all areas are covered. 

Here are some ideas for soccer practices that can be done with a team of under 15 players:

Ball control drills: Work on your players' ball control skills by setting up stations where they can practice receiving passes and dribbling around cones or other obstacles.​

Passing drills: Set up passing patterns for your players to follow, or have them work on one-touch passing to improve their accuracy and speed of play.

Shooting drills: Set up a shooting practice where players take shots on goal from different distances and angles.

Defending drills: Work on your players' defensive skills by setting up small-sided games or drills that focus on closing down space and winning the ball back.

Possession drills: Set up a small-sided game where the focus is on keeping possession of the ball and building attacks. This can help your players develop their passing and movement off the ball.

Conditioning drills: Incorporate some running or sprinting drills to help your players improve their endurance and speed on the field.

Games: Use your practices to give your players the opportunity to play small-sided games or full scrimmages to help them develop their skills in game-like situations.

Remember to vary your drills and keep things fun and challenging for your players to keep them engaged and motivated.

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