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U11 Soccer Drills

This page displays U11 soccer drills suitable for younger players in the Foundation Phase and combines fun games with technical focused football practices. We can begin to incorporate challenging soccer dribbling games, ball mastery control and turning exercises, and competitive small-sided games.

U11 Soccer Practices

Coaching soccer players aged 11 and under requires a careful balance of challenging drills and fun practices. Here are some key tips for coaching players in this age group:

Start with the basics: It is important to make sure that players in this age group have a strong foundation of basic skills, such as dribbling, ball control, and passing. Begin by focusing on drills that help players develop these skills, and gradually introduce more advanced drills as players improve.​

Encourage teamwork and communication: At this age, players are starting to understand the importance of teamwork and communication on the soccer field. Encourage players to communicate with each other during drills and practices, and help them understand the importance of working together as a team.

Emphasize sportsmanship: It is important to teach young players the importance of sportsmanship and fair play. Encourage players to respect their opponents and the rules of the game, and set a good example by demonstrating good sportsmanship yourself.

Make practices fun: While it is important to challenge players with difficult drills and practices, it is also important to make sure that practices are enjoyable for players. Mix in fun activities and games, and try to create a positive and enjoyable environment for players.

Use small-sided games: Small-sided games are an excellent way to help players develop their skills in a game-like setting. These games should be designed to simulate real game situations and should help players develop their technical, tactical, and physical skills. Examples include 3v3 games, 4v4 games, and 5v5 games.

Overall, the key to coaching successful soccer players aged 11 and under is to provide a balance of challenging drills and fun practices, and to focus on helping players develop their skills and understanding of the game. By incorporating a variety of drills and practices into your training program, you can help your players become more skilled, confident, and successful on the soccer field.

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