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Technical Passing Practice | Third Man Runs (04-P3)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This technical soccer drill is focused on developing 3rd man runs and one-touch combination play. With players in each corner of the square, player 1 plays a square pass to player 2, who then passes into the striker to set player 1 who crosses over with player 2 on the run to play through to the opposite end.

Key Coaching Points

1. Timing of movement to meet set from striker

2. Weight of pass into striker

Progression: 1. Add a 1-2 when approaching the corners

See all of Coaching Theme 4:

Player Question:

Can you use your weak foot when combing on one touch? See all of the progressions with the complete video, together with the supporting session plan by clicking below.

Purpose of Technical Passing Drills

Technical passing drills are practice exercises that are designed to help players improve their passing skills and technique. These drills can focus on various aspects of passing, such as accuracy, power, timing, and distance control. Technical passing drills are commonly used in soccer, but they can also be applied to other sports such as basketball, football, and volleyball.

The purpose of technical passing drills is to help players develop their passing skills and become more efficient and effective at passing the ball. These drills allow players to practice different types of passes and work on their accuracy, power, and timing.

Technical passing drills can also help players develop their ability to read the game and anticipate their teammates' movements, which is important for successful passing in a live game.

In addition to improving individual passing skills, technical passing drills can also help teams develop their passing patterns and strategies. By practicing different passing combinations and movements, teams can work on their communication and coordination on the field, which can lead to more successful passing in games.

Overall, the purpose of technical passing drills is to help players and teams improve their passing skills, technique, and teamwork, which can lead to better performance in games.

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