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Race For the Ball | Ball Mastery 1

This is our first session release for our U8 Mini ballers category and illustrates how the social and technical can be combined to develop individuals.

This fun foundation phase practice takes place in 20 by 30-yard area and focuses on developing teamwork, communication and strategic thinking.

All the balls are lined up down the centre line with two teams of four starting on opposite ends on the base lines. On the coaches’ whistle, players must sprint out to fetch the balls and dribble or pass them back into their home bases, looking to keep as many as they can in their base.

Players can steal balls from the opposition’s area or tackle players to win back possession. The team with the most balls in their base area after the set period wins!

See all Key Coaching Points, Progressions and Player Questions in the Full animation and editable, downloadable Session Plan by clicking below.

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