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Possession Based | Counter Attacking (02-P1)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This skill soccer practice has 16 players with a 7 v 7, including goalkeepers, and 2 additional floating players to support.

A 4 v 4 plus 2 takes place in a 25 by 30-yard central area, with an attacker and defender for both teams positioned outside of the area on either side.

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The objective is to break quickly on gaining possession to create an initial 2 v 1 overload in the final third to finish after making a set number of passes.

Focus on the timing of forward runs to create 2v1 and 3v2 overloads. See the full soccer animations below which contains additional progressions that can be applied.

What is a Possession Based Counter Attacking Team?

A possession-based counterattacking team is a team that focuses on maintaining possession of the ball and using it to create scoring opportunities, while also being able to transition quickly from defence to attack and counterattack when the opportunity arises.

A possession-based counterattacking team typically has the following characteristics:

  1. Strong passing and ball control: The team has players who are skilled at passing and controlling the ball, and they look to keep possession and build up play through short, quick passes.

  2. Good movement and positioning: The team's players are skilled at moving and positioning themselves to receive passes and create space for their teammates.

  3. Ability to transition quickly: The team is able to transition quickly from defence to attack and counterattack when they win the ball back, often through the use of quick, direct passes and runs.

  4. Compact shape: The team maintains a compact shape, with the defenders and midfielders positioned close together and organised in a line or formation. This helps them maintain possession and defend against counterattacks.

  5. Clinical finishing: The team has players who are skilled at finishing and able to convert scoring opportunities into goals.

Overall, a possession-based counterattacking team looks to control the game through possession and intelligent movement, while also being able to exploit openings and counterattack quickly when the opportunity arises.

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