Play Through the Central Target (01-P3)

Updated: Nov 10

This football practice focuses on developing the player's ability to combine and rotate in central areas, penetrating defensive pressing lines.

We play with a 5 v 5 in a 30 x 30 Yard area with a 10 x 10 Yard area with a single floater to connect play. The objective is for the possession team to use the central floater to keep possession in their attack.

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Key Coaching Points

· Tactical - Recognise when to combine with the central player to score a point

· Social - Work collectively to build attacks and create space for the central pass.

Progression | 1

· Remove the floater and have a player from the possession team play in the central area.

Key Coaching Point

· Technical - Weight, and accuracy of the pass and central player to play on one or two touches to combine.

Progression | 2

· Rotation in a central area for the possession team, either after a pass or during the possession phase.

Key Coaching Questions

· How does the opposition defend against this and what problems does this cause?

· How can central players combine in one touch effectively, what support can you provide in your teams for this player?

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