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Opposed Skill | Attacking Centrally (01-P1)

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

This possession football coaching practice takes place in a 20 and 30-yard area depending on the age group coached, we play a 3 v 3 plus targets changing to a 4 v 4 with a goal and GK at each end.

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Players must combine with a central target player to score with a quick combination. The area has two central 5-yard zones where target players must play 1 or 2 touch combinations with the attacking team.

Key Coaching Points

Try to allow free play and recognise opportunities for the possession team to combine quickly with forward passes. If the opposition starts to protect target players, may need to enforce passing conditions (e.g. 10 passes a goal) to force defensive pressure. Be creative and think about other progressions that could be implemented using the STEP model, or ask players to create their own.

Progressions & Constraints | 1

Progress the soccer practice by allowing rotational movement between central target players, with a single player in each box for each team.

Progressions & Constraints | 2

Central players can drive out of the central square to initiate attacks quicker.

How to Attack in Central Areas

Attacking in central areas involves creating scoring opportunities through the use of passing, movement, and penetration in the middle of the field. Here are a few strategies that can help your team attack effectively in central areas:

  1. Use short, quick passes: Short, quick passes can help your team maintain possession and move the ball up the field. This can be especially effective in central areas, where there is often more space to work with.

  2. Make runs in behind: Encourage your players to make runs in behind the opposing team's defence to create space and scoring opportunities. This can be especially effective in central areas, where there is often more space to exploit.

  3. Use penetrating passes: Look for opportunities to play penetrating passes through the opposing team's defence, either through the middle or on the flanks. This can help your team create scoring chances and break down the defence.

  4. Use movement to create space: Encourage your players to make smart, off-the-ball movements to create space and openings for their teammates. This can help your team stretch the defence and create scoring opportunities.

  5. Maintain good shape: Make sure that your team maintains a good shape as you attack, with players positioned appropriately to defend against counterattacks and provide support in attack.

By implementing these strategies, your team can attack effectively in central areas and create scoring opportunities.

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