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Midfield Pressure in Midfield Third (11-P3)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This opposed practice is focused on midfield players regaining possession and developing and finishing attacks In the attacking transition phase. In a 40 x 25 Yard area, we had 3 zones as shown. Reds play in a 231 against White in a 122.

Set Up:

18 Players

25 Mins

35x50 Yds


2 Bib Sets

2 Goals

The objective is for the Reds to regain possession with their overload and counter into the striker to finish in a 1 v 1 or 2 v 1.

Key Coaching Points

Tactical - Recognise pressing triggers as a unit and counter effectively

Technical - Defending technique and ability to penetrate with forward passes


Player Questions

How midfielders can win possession - Summary

Midfielders play a key role in applying pressure to win the ball back in soccer. Here are some strategies that midfielders can use to apply pressure and win the ball back:

  1. Press high up the field: Midfielders can apply pressure by pressing high up the field and trying to win the ball back as close to the opposition's goal as possible. This requires good fitness, positioning, and teamwork to create a compact and organized pressing shape.

  2. Use cover and balance: Midfielders should use cover and balance to provide support for their teammates and protect against counterattacks. This involves positioning themselves to cover any gaps or spaces that may open up and provide backup if a teammate is beaten.

  3. Communicate and work together: Midfielders should communicate with their teammates and work together to press effectively as a unit. This includes calling for the ball, making runs, and positioning themselves to cover any gaps or spaces.

  4. Stay focused and disciplined: Midfielders should stay focused and disciplined when pressing, even under pressure. This means maintaining good positioning, marking opponents tightly, and making smart decisions with the ball.

  5. Use surprise and deception: Midfielders can try to surprise and deceive the opposition by using feints, body movements, and other tactics to create openings and win the ball back.

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