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Jack Frost! (P10)

This U8 dribbling fun game activity is titled 'Jack Frost' and is a quick tag game that takes place in a 20 by 30-yard area. It's a fun activity that focuses on players dribbling, agility and enjoyment.

Two players are chosen to be the freezers (taggers) while the rest of the players all start with a ball.

Players will dribble around the playing area trying to evade the freezers who look to tag them.

Encourage the freezers to gently tag players by softly tapping their shoulder. If a player is tagged, they stop their ball and perform five toe-taps to unfreeze and carry-on dribbling.

After a set time period switch the freezers until every player has had a turn!

Key Coaching Points

Alternate feet when performing toe-taps.

Players with balls must have a variation in the length of their touches to evade the freezers.


Player Questions

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