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Player Rotational Movement | Technical Practice (04-P1)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This Technical soccer drill is played in a 36x36 yard area, broken down into 4 x 4 squares. It requires at least 3-4 teams of 4 creating effective supporting angles, and movement when unopposed.

The objective is for each team to move the ball around the area whilst avoiding other players in the practice, developing an understanding of how to rotate with teammates in different squares.

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Key Coaching Points

- First touch and head up to avoid other players

- Speed of movement to receive the pass in another area

See all of the progressions with the complete video, together with the supporting session plan by clicking below.

How to develop short passing and movement

There are several ways to develop short passing and basic movement with younger soccer players:

  1. Use simple drills and exercises: Start with simple drills and exercises that focus on the basics of passing and movement. For example, you can use passing grids, where players pass the ball to each other within a small area, or you can use cone drills, where players pass the ball around cones and work on their footwork.

  2. Incorporate game-like situations: Use small-sided games and scrimmage situations to help players practice short passing and movement in a game-like setting. For example, you can set up a 2v2 or 3v3 game where players work on passing and movement to create scoring opportunities.

  3. Encourage communication: Encourage players to communicate with each other while passing and moving. This can help them develop their teamwork and coordination on the field.

  4. Emphasize proper technique: Make sure that players are using proper technique when passing and moving. This includes using the inside of their foot to pass the ball and keeping their heads up to look for teammates.

  5. Use positive reinforcement: Encourage and praise players for making good passes and making smart movements on the field. This can help boost their confidence and encourage them to keep practicing and improving their skills.

By using a combination of drills, small-sided games, communication, proper technique, and positive reinforcement, you can help younger soccer players develop their short passing and basic movement skills.

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