Positional Rondo | Transitional Play (04-P2)

Updated: Nov 10

This football Rondo practice focuses on players' rotational movement to create space in a central area to keep the ball. In addition, in important factor is players' transition to losing the ball and changing their mindset to having the overload in possession to becoming overloaded defenders.

With a 30 by 30 Yard playing area and a 15 by 15 Yard central possession zone, 4 players must keep possession against 2 defenders.

When possession is won, play can break out with 4 support players creating a 6 v 4. Key Coaching Point: Develop rotational movement between individuals both inside and outside of the central zone, to create space to exploit.

See all of Coaching Theme 4: http://go.touchtight.com/K72ems

Progression: Constraining those in possession in the 4 v 2 to rotate after each 5-pass sequence, through effective verbal and non-verbal communication between teammates.

Player Questions:

1. Are you able to split the defenders by playing a penetrating pass?

2. Can you draw pressure and exploit the space left by switching play quickly?

See all of the progressions with the complete video, together with the supporting session plan by clicking below.

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