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How to Counter Attack from Midfield (08-P2)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This directional soccer practice is the second of Theme 8: Direct Counter Attack From Deep.

With a focus on our midfield player receiving on the back foot to break defensive lines, we develop the timing of forward runs from 3 attackers against 2 central defenders to finish.

Our midfielders first touch will dictate the type of pass played, encouraging the use of both feet.

Focus on movement of attackers dropping in short, with teammates opposite movement to drag defenders away.

Key Coaching Points

1. Movement of midfielder to drop and receive the ball (Angles, checking shoulder)

2. Clever movement from attacking 3 players (based off midfielders 1st touch)


Player Questions

How to win possession to counter attack from midfield

Here are a few ways to counter attack from midfield in football:

  1. Quick transitions: One of the key elements of a successful counter attack is the ability to transition quickly from defense to attack. This can involve making quick passes to teammates who are in a good position to attack, or making runs into space to create attacking opportunities.

  2. Overlap and support: When counter attacking from midfield, it's important to have players who are able to overlap and support the attack. This can involve making runs from deep positions, or providing options for the player with the ball.

  3. Look for opportunities to exploit space: When counter attacking, it's important to look for opportunities to exploit space in the opposing team's defense. This can involve making runs into the space behind the defense, or playing balls over the top for forwards to run onto.

  4. Use width and depth: To stretch the opposing team's defense and create space, it's important to use width and depth when counter attacking. This can involve getting players wide to stretch the defense, or making runs from deep positions to create space in the middle of the field.

  5. Practice counter attacking in training: It's important to practice counter attacking in training, so that players can develop the skills and understanding necessary to execute a successful counter attack in game situations. This can involve practicing quick transitions, overlapping and supporting runs, and exploiting space.

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