Develop Dribbling Skills (02-P2)

Updated: Nov 10

This Dribbling soccer practice requires 6 to 12 players in a 20 by 20-yard area, each with a ball to dribble. Players are encouraged to be creative and try as many tricks and dribbles as they can.

Get players to work on small touches, with both feet and develop changes of direction on a coaching call or other pre-defined trigger.

Encourage players to get their heads up, once their technique on the ball is comfortable to ensure they are able to have full control of the ball with players as obstacles around them.

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We can progress this by adding 2 areas where players must perform a different trick in each, with increased player traffic closer control is encouraged.

We can then add a defender to increase pressure on dribblers, forcing them to escape defenders whilst avoiding other players at the same time.

Our final progression allows a floater to be available for a wall pass for any players finding themselves under pressure.

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