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Finishing Quickly Under Pressure (09-P2)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

In this combination and finishing practice, 2 attackers must create angles quickly to score in any of the 4 mini goals against 4 defenders.

Set Up:

6 Players

15-25 Mins

25x25 Yds


2 Bib Sets

4 Minis

This 4 v 2 defensive overload requires quick movement, and awareness from the coach or support player to spot movement to play into feet for a quick finish.

If defenders win possession, they must make 5 passes before finishing in any mini goal.

Key Coaching Points

1. Tactical | Quick movement to create and exploit space and finish quickly

2. Technical | First touch away from defenders and shooting to finish quickly.


Player Questions

Shooting Practices to Finish Quickly

Here are a few tips for getting shots off quickly when under pressure.

  1. Use your body to shield the ball: By using your body to shield the ball from defenders, you can buy yourself some time to set yourself up for a shot. This can involve using your upper body to shield the ball, or even using your back to the defender to protect it.

  2. Take a quick first touch: By taking a quick first touch to control the ball, you can set yourself up for a shot more quickly. This can involve using the inside or outside of your foot, or even your thigh or chest to control the ball.

  3. Look up and scan the field: Before shooting, it's important to take a quick look around to see what options are available. This can help you to identify the best option for a shot, whether it's a shot on goal, a pass to a teammate, or a run into space.

  4. Use deception: By feinting or faking a shot or pass, you can throw defenders off balance and create an opportunity for a shot. This can involve using your body language or a quick change of pace to deceive the defenders.

  5. Practice shooting under pressure: The more you practice shooting under pressure in training, the more comfortable and confident you will become in game situations. This can involve practicing shooting from various angles and distances, as well as practicing different types of finishes (e.g. side-foot, laces, inside-foot).

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