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Finishing Combinations | 1v1 Games (09-P3)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This practice helps to develop 1 v 1 attacking and defending, with an emphasis on attacking player's movement to beat defenders and to lose markers to attack crosses.

Work both ways with one player passing to a support player who will set for attacking player to drive at the defender to finish against the GK.

If defenders win possession, they can clear the ball or score in mini goals if coach adds these.

Key Coaching Points

1. Tactical | Recognise when and how to take on defender effectively

2. Technical | Dribbling ability to take player on, plus finishing technique


Player Questions

How to Improve your Finishing - Summary

Here are a few ways that soccer players can improve their close range finishing:

  1. Practice, practice, practice: The more a player practices their finishing, the more comfortable and confident they will become in front of goal. This can involve practicing shooting from various angles and distances, as well as practicing different types of finishes (e.g. side-foot, laces, inside-foot).

  2. Work on ball control and technique: Good ball control and technique are essential for close range finishing. Players should work on their first touch, ball manipulation, and shooting technique to ensure that they are able to control the ball and get a good shot off when they are in close to the goal.

  3. Focus on power and accuracy: When finishing from close range, it's important to strike the ball with enough power to beat the goalkeeper, but also with enough accuracy to keep the ball on target. Players can improve their power and accuracy by working on their shooting technique and by practicing shooting with both feet.

  4. Vary your finishes: To keep the goalkeeper guessing, it's helpful to be able to finish with different parts of the foot and from different angles. Players should practice finishing with their laces, inside of the foot, outside of the foot, and with their weaker foot to improve their range of finishing options.

  5. Pay attention to body position and balance: Good body position and balance are essential for close range finishing. Players should aim to position their body so that they are facing the goal and have a stable base from which to shoot. This will help them to generate power and accuracy in their shots.

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