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Doctor, Doctor - Smaller Ballers P8

This U8 Soccer Drill 'Doctor, Doctor', is a fun, dribbling game that takes place in a 20 by 20-yard area and is variation of the good old fashioned 'Tag'.

Each player begins with a ball and dribbles around the playing area looking for opportunities to tag other players.

The first time a player is tagged they will continue dribbling while holding one of their arms.

The second time a player is tagged they must hold both their arms while dribbling the ball.

After the third tag, players need to run to the “Recovery Zone” (area on the side of the playing area) where the coach will give them a fun activity to perform before rejoining the playing area.

Key Coaching Points

Quick changes of direction with the ball to avoid getting closer to players.

Decision-making when to attempt a tag.


Player Questions

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