3 v 2 Counter Attack | Small Overloads (05-P3)

Updated: Nov 10

This Soccer Drill begins with the coach playing the ball into an attacking player who attacks a single defender and goal, with the support of a teammate (2 v 1 outfield). If the attacking team scores, an extra player joins in creating a 3 v 1.

If defenders don’t concede they get an extra defender (2 v 2). There cannot be an overload of more than 2 players throughout the soccer practice; rotate player roles.

Key Coaching Points

  • Tactical - Timing of forward runs to support

  • Technical - Decision of passer to pass or dribble

  • Psychological - Recognition of space with overload v balanced numbers

See all of Coaching Theme 5: http://go.touchtight.com/kvpoKz

Key Coaching Questions

  • Where is the best position to support my teammate?

  • How can I bring my teammates into play better?

  • Who are defenders staying with when overloaded? What does this mean?

Progressions & Constraints

  • Play with a striker against the defender, different support required.

See all of the progressions with the complete video, together with the supporting session plan by clicking below.

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