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The Gate Game | Developing Support Play (05-P2)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This possession football practice is known as the Gamet Game and is focused on improving support play in possession. We position 5 sets of 2 poles with a 3-yard gap between each on a pitch 40 by 40.

The objective is for the team in possession to combine with a teammate with a pass through a gate.

Focus on speed of support, reactions to opposition screening, and use of the switch to break pressure.

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Key Coaching Points

  • Tactical | Transition (Dispersal v Immediate Support)

  • Technical | Angles and distances of support

  • Psychological | Recognition of the quick switch of play

Key Coaching Questions

  • How can we escape quick pressure?

  • How do we immediately support after a goal is scored?

  • Why and how can teams switch play?

The Gate Game - Summary

The gate game is a soccer training drill that is often used to improve a team's ball control and possession skills, as well as their ability to create and exploit space on the field.

In the gate game, players are typically arranged in a small area with a goal or set of cones at each end. The aim of the game is for the attacking team to score by passing the ball through one of the goals or cones, while the defending team tries to win the ball and score at the other end. The game can be modified by adding additional players, adjusting the size of the playing area, or introducing specific rules or constraints.

The gate game is often used as a warm-up drill or as part of a team's possession-based attacking tactics. It can be adapted to suit the needs and goals of the team, and can be made more challenging by increasing the intensity of the pressure from the defenders or by introducing additional rules or constraints.

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