The Gate Game | Developing Support Play (05-P2)

Updated: Nov 10

This possession football practice is known as the Gamet Game and is focused on improving support play in possession. We position 5 sets of 2 poles with a 3-yard gap between each on a pitch 40 by 40.

The objective is for the team in possession to combine with a teammate with a pass through a gate.

Focus on speed of support, reactions to opposition screening, and use of the switch to break pressure.

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Key Coaching Points

  • Tactical | Transition (Dispersal v Immediate Support)

  • Technical | Angles and distances of support

  • Psychological | Recognition of the quick switch of play

Key Coaching Questions

  • How can we escape quick pressure?

  • How do we immediately support after a goal is scored?

  • Why and how can teams switch play?

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