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Defensive Pressure | Rondo Based (10-P1)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This Rondo is Practice 1 of Theme 10: Defensive Pressure and is based off a 3511 Formation as you can see.

Set Up:

9 Players

20-30 Mins

20x20 Yds


2 Bib Sets


This is played in a 20 by 20 Yard area with a 10 by 10 central square for the single player (8) to combine and break the defensive line of 2 Blue midfielders who look to win the ball.

Our midfield pair, must avoid being split with a through pass, by not leaving large gaps for the opposition to play through. In this combination and finishing practice, 2 attackers must create angles quickly to score in any of the 4 mini goals against 4 defenders.

Key Coaching Points

Tactical | Keep play on outside, no gaps for pass to be played through


Player Questions

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