Activation Rondo | 5 v 2s (06-P2)

Updated: Nov 10

Practice 2 of theme six defensive compactness is played in a 30 by 15-yard area, beginning with a 5 v 2 overload Rondo in one half of the practice area.

The aim of the two defenders here is to regain possession and switch play to 3 awaiting teammates, becoming the passing team.

2 attackers then become defenders, switching grids to press as a pair to regain possession for their team.

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Key Coaching Points 1. Manage possession to create space

2. Challenge defenders to remain compact (distances and angles to be constantly checked)

Player Questions

How can defenders position themselves as a pair to make penetrating passes through as difficult as possible?


Players must perform rotational play and defenders must practice forcing the opposition in the direction they want.

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