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Activation Rondo | 5 v 2s (06-P2)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Practice 2 of theme six defensive compactness is played in a 30 by 15-yard area, beginning with a 5 v 2 overload Rondo in one half of the practice area.

The aim of the two defenders here is to regain possession and switch play to 3 awaiting teammates, becoming the passing team.

2 attackers then become defenders, switching grids to press as a pair to regain possession for their team.

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Key Coaching Points 1. Manage possession to create space

2. Challenge defenders to remain compact (distances and angles to be constantly checked)

Player Questions

How can defenders position themselves as a pair to make penetrating passes through as difficult as possible?


Players must perform rotational play and defenders must practice forcing the opposition in the direction they want.

What is the 'Activation Rondo'?

An activation rondo is a type of soccer training drill that involves a small group of players working together to maintain possession of the ball while being pressed by a larger group of defenders.

It is often used to improve a team's ball control and possession skills, as well as to develop a team's understanding of how to create and exploit space on the field.

In an activation rondo, players are typically arranged in a small circle or square, with the attackers (those with possession) surrounded by defenders. The attackers must work together to keep the ball within the confines of the rondo, while the defenders try to win the ball through tackles or interceptions.

The drill can be modified by adding additional attackers or defenders, or by introducing constraints such as limiting the number of touches each player can take.

Activation rondos are often used as warm-up drills or as part of a team's possession-based attacking tactics. They can be adapted to suit the needs and goals of the team, and can be made more challenging by increasing the intensity of the pressure from the defenders or by introducing additional rules or constraints.

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