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Defending Centrally (12-P2)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This practice has 3 different exercises running at one time. We have a 1 v 1 practice on either side of the main practice area, with players looking to beat defenders to score in a mini goal.

Set Up:

11 Players

25 Mins

30x40 Yds


2 Bib Sets

1 + 3 Minis

In the central area, we have a 2 v 1 where the single defender must jockey and recognise when to win possession and counter to finish in the mini goal, rotate players.

Key Coaching Points

1. If in a 1v2 situation, try and isolate the attacker (stop the pass)

2. Body shape and approach of defender to show the attacker into one area

3. The reaction of players when the play transitions from defence to attack


Player Questions

How to Defend when Overloaded - Summary

When a team is outnumbered or outmanoeuvred by the opposition, it can be difficult to defend effectively. Here are some strategies that players can use when defending in an overloaded situation:

  1. Maintain a compact shape: Players should try to maintain a compact and organised defensive shape, with all players working together to defend as a unit. This helps to reduce the amount of space available to the opposition and make it harder for them to pass and move the ball.

  2. Use cover and balance: Players should use cover and balance to help protect against counterattacks and provide support for their teammates. This involves players positioning themselves to cover any gaps or spaces that may open up and provide backup if a teammate is beaten.

  3. Communicate and work together: Players should communicate with their teammates and work together to defend as a unit. This includes calling for the ball, making runs, and positioning themselves to cover any gaps or spaces.

  4. Stay focused and disciplined: Players should stay focused and disciplined, even when under pressure. This means maintaining good positioning, marking opponents tightly, and making smart decisions with the ball.

  5. Use counterattacking opportunities: When the opportunity presents itself, players should try to win the ball back and launch counterattacks to catch the opposition off guard. This can help create scoring opportunities and turn the tables on the opposition.

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