Activation Rondo| Send 2 In! (10-P3)

Played in a 30 by 20 Yard area, split into 2 halves of 15 by 20. 5 players (positioned as 3 defenders and 2 midfielders) in one group and 5 attacking players in the other, must keep possession in their area, whilst being pressed by 2 defenders.

Set Up:

15 Players

15-25 Mins

30x20 Yds


3 Bib Sets

2 Minis

Objective is for the 2 defenders to win possession and score in a mini goal, allowing 2 more defenders to press with the same objective.

If 10 passes are made, through poor defensive pressure, they can then transfer the ball across, scoring a goal as a result.

Key Coaching Points

1. Body shape of first defender to lock the ball into one area

2. Cover and support of second defender, can he react to partners defensive shape


Player Questions

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