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Passing Soccer Drills

These passing practices are focused on improving players' passing ability in unopposed, technical soccer practices. We focus on quick combinations, one-two passing moves, and developing player passing relationships that can be transferred into games. Whether you're building out from the back, posing possession questions, or finishing combinations, you sure to find what you need right here.  

How to improve your passing

Passing the ball well is an important skill in soccer that allows teams to keep possession, create scoring opportunities, and maintain control of the game. Here are some important elements that players should consider when passing the ball:

Ball control:

Players should have good ball control and be able to strike the ball accurately and with the appropriate power. This includes things like using the inside and outside of the foot, keeping the ball close to the body, and using the proper body positioning and technique.


Communication and teamwork:

Players should communicate with their teammates and work together to move the ball up the field. This includes things like calling for the ball, making good runs, and positioning themselves to receive passes.


Vision and awareness:

Players should have a good understanding of the game and be able to see and anticipate their teammates and opponents. This helps them make good decisions with the ball and find the best passing options.



Players should aim to pass the ball accurately to their teammates, aiming for the feet or chest rather than the head. This allows their teammates to control the ball and maintain possession more easily.



Players should consider the timing of their passes, as well as the pace and weight of the ball. This helps them connect with their teammates and keep possession of the ball.

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