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Finishing Soccer Drills

This Finishing Soccer Drills Page provides free shooting soccer drills that can be used to coach players at every age group and ability. These final third practices are both opposed and unopposed and are varied in the difficulty level of their delivery.  These range from unopposed technical finishing practices, to opposed 1v1 games, skill sessions, and small and medium-sided games.

Example Finishing Drills

Finishing drills are an important part of soccer training, as they help players develop the skills and techniques needed to score goals. Here are some examples of finishing drills that coaches might use:

  1. One-on-one finishing: This drill involves two players, with one acting as a defender and the other as an attacker. The attacker tries to get past the defender and shoot on goal, while the defender tries to prevent the shot. This drill can be modified by adding more players or using different types of passes to set up the attack.

  2. Cross and finish: This drill involves a group of players working together to create crossing opportunities and then finishing those chances with a shot on goal. Players can practice different types of crosses, such as low balls, high balls, and driven balls, and work on timing their runs and finishes.

  3. Small-sided games: Small-sided games, such as 3v3 or 4v4, can be a great way to practice finishing in a game-like setting. Players can work on finding space, creating scoring chances, and finishing those chances under pressure.

  4. Shooting drills: Shooting drills can be designed to help players practice specific types of shots, such as volleys, half volleys, and struck balls. Coaches can set up different shooting scenarios and challenges to help players develop their accuracy and power.

  5. Set piece finishing: Set pieces, such as free kicks and corners, can be a great opportunity to score goals. Coaches can set up drills to practice delivering the ball into the box and finishing those chances with a shot on goal.

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