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Dribbling Soccer Drills

These Dribbling games are centered around players' close control and agility to take players on in tight spaces. From the very youngest, to the most professional teams, there's plenty here to help players develop. We combine unopposed technical soccer drills, with opposed 1v1 games and skill practices to develop and challenge individuals.  

How to Dribble with the ball

Dribbling with the ball is an important skill in soccer that allows players to move the ball up the field and create scoring opportunities. Here are some important elements that players should consider when dribbling with the ball:


Ball control: Players should have good ball control and be able to manipulate the ball effectively with different parts of their feet. This includes things like keeping the ball close to the body, using the inside and outside of the foot, and using the sole of the foot to cut or change direction.


Body positioning: Players should maintain good body position when dribbling, with their shoulders over the ball and their head up to scan the field. This allows them to see and anticipate their opponents and make good decisions with the ball.


Speed and acceleration: Players should be able to change speed and accelerate quickly when dribbling, as this can help them create space and beat opponents. This requires good balance, coordination, and power in the legs.


Feints and moves: Players should have a range of feints and moves in their dribbling repertoire, such as stepovers, scissors, and Cruyff turns, to help them beat opponents and create space.


Confidence and decision-making: Players should be confident and decisive when dribbling, as this allows them to make good decisions with the ball and commit to their dribbles. Players should be comfortable taking risks and trying new things with the ball, as long as they do so in a controlled and intelligent manner.

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