Demo 4: How to build your Soccer Coach Philosophy

Demo 4: Building out your Coach Philosophy

Step 1: Philosophy Intro

Let’s introduce our final Demo, Demo 4, with the Coach Philosophy and the purpose of this document.  This is not a stagnant document, this should be evolving throughout your coaching career and we will support you with this production. Select your presentation software, create your animations and away you go.

Step 2: Sort Your Menus

This is one of the main content pages within our own Touchtight Coaching Philosophy and splits into 3 main categories: The 433 Model, Core Sessions, and Position Specific Material.  Within these menus, we go into much more detail, but this gives you an outline structure from which you can work.

Step 3: Phases of Play

Within the 433 Game Model we dive into more detailed categories, focusing on each phase within our structure. We have detailed animations for each Game Phase from Phase 1 Beginning the Attack, through to Phase 6: Defending the Goal.  This is where the magic of coaching detail can be viewed with your approach.

Step 4: Deep Dive

Our Individual Sessions get down to the real detail that we want to deliver to our players and fellow coaches.  We begin with a summary video showcasing expectations for the session, with each individual clickable practice animation on the right side of the page making it easy to move between pages.

Step 5: Now Put It Together

By combining each piece of software on offer with our Coach Bundle you can jump straight in and start building your coaching future today.  You decide what you learn when you want, no longer restricted to being accepted onto the next course, or being permitted to progress on your pathway by your club.

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