Onto Demo 3: The Main Overview Page

The Overview page is your central hub for managing your club. From here, access the Engine Room for videos, Session Planner for session plans and animations, and the Dugout for team management.

Club Demo 3: Overview Page

The Overview page on Club.Touchtight.com is your central hub for managing your club. From here, access the Engine Room for videos and session plans, and the Dugout for team management. Add players, fixtures, and sessions easily. Admins can invite and assign coaches, manage user access levels, and track progress. The platform also offers a detailed view of team and player performance metrics.
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Step 1: Intro

We begin Demo 1 with an introduction to The Engine Room site, which provides a run down of the material you can access from here.With complete access to Individual Practices, Complete Sessions, Formation Analysis, Tactical Solutions and much more. This also comes with downloadable mobile apps, providing access content freely on the move.

Step 2: Easy Filters

The Easy to Use Filters can be used to find the exact content you require. So for example, you want an 'Attacking' practice, for an 'Under 12s' team and you know you will have between '13-15' players for your evening session, you can find specific practices for this.It takes less than 10 seconds to find exactly what you need, saving you hours of searching online.

Step 3: Coach Platform

We then look at The Coach Platform, our new animation software that allows you to create your own coaching animations that you can design, create, download and share with ease. From creating individual coaching practices to share with players before sessions, Match Preparation, and Analysis you can start to build your vision.

Step 4: Playbook

We demonstrate how you can create simple animations, using The Coach Platform, illustrating how you can download and share your creations easily.  You will have your own Playbook where all of your videos are stored in either your own Private or Public profile area.

Step 5: Session Planner

Finally, we look at the Session Planner Tool where you can create your practice images and complete sessions that you can export to PDF. There is a huge amount of detail that you can add to your designs, which are categorised by Session, Individual, and Player Notes.

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