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Demo 3: How to apply Game to Practice Methods to transfer learning

Link your practices to your Game Model seamlessly, and see how your players transfer learning from Game to Practice to the Game.

demo 3 image 1.webp

Step 1: Coaching Intro

Let’s begin our ‘Game to Practice’ Demo 3 with a focus on our Coaching Themes in the Engine Room. Each Coaching Theme has an introduction animation that details the specific formation, phase of play, and individual player focus for each of the 14 exercises.

Step 2: Linked Practice

This is one of our beginner sessions that links directly to the 433 Final Combinations Theme above.  We can see the purpose of this exercise is to develop effective relationships between our front 3 players transferrable to the game.

demo 3 image 2.webp
demo 3 image 3.webp

Step 3: Long Term Approach

We then move onto one of our more advanced sessions, an advanced Functional Practice that again is centered on the front 3 rotation and combination play in the final third.  This time we bring in delivery from advanced full backs and attacking midfielders to link it to the game, applicable for UEFA A and B Licence Courses.

Step 4: Start Building

Now you know how the ‘Game to Practice’ model works, you can progress to developing your own formations, sessions and game model.  This example session is linked to the 433 Final Third Combinations theme created on our Coach Platform animation tool.

demo 3 image 4.webp
demo 3 image 5.webp

Step 5: Coach Philosophy

Our final step in this sequence shows how you can create your own presentation document. We will focus on how you can combine video and detailed text to start developing your very own Coach Philosophy that will stay with you throughout your career..

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