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4 v 4 Attack v Defence | Defend in Defending Third (03-P1)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

In this half-pitch defensive soccer drill, we focus on our attacking 4 players against a back 4 in the defending third.

Our coach will play a ball into one of the front players, with their challenge to create effective angles to move defenders around and break into the box to finish.

The back 4 must remain compact and look to regain possession to finish in one of two mini-goals as shown.

See all of Coaching Theme 3:

Focus on communication between players and recognise when to press and cover as a unit.

If you have 2 coaches, ensure one coach manages each team to provide challenges for attackers and defenders, setting individual and unit challenges throughout.

See all of the progressions with the complete video, together with the supporting session plan by clicking below.

How can I improve my defensive back line?

Here are some tips for improving your back 4 defensive unit in training and transferring this into games:

  1. Use drills and exercises that focus on team defence: There are many drills and exercises that you can use to practice team defence, such as small-sided games, rondos, and possession games. These drills can help your players work on their positioning, communication, and teamwork in defensive situations.

  2. Emphasise proper technique: Make sure that your players are using proper technique when defending, such as staying on their toes, keeping their shoulders square to the ball, and using the inside of their foot to block or deflect passes.

  3. Encourage communication: Encourage your players to communicate with each other while defending, calling out instructions and warning their teammates of potential threats. This can help them stay organised and react quickly to changing situations.

  4. Work on transitions: Practice transitioning from attack to defence and vice versa, as this is an important aspect of team defence. Work on developing quick and effective ways to win the ball back and counterattack.

  5. Incorporate game-like scenarios: Use scrimmage situations and small-sided games to help your players practice defending in a game-like setting. This can help them develop their decision-making skills and learn how to apply their defensive skills in a live game.

By implementing these strategies, you can help your back 4 defensive unit improve their skills and teamwork in training, which should translate into better performance in games.

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